Certificates of Insurance

Need a Certificate of Insurance for an event, meeting, or fundraiser?
Just click HERE to fill out the form and submit the request. Contact your facility before completing this form for the specific information below you will need on your certificate.
You will need to know the following:
  • Name of the Certificate Holder
  • Mailing Address of the Certificate Holder
  • Email Address or Fax Number of the Certificate Holder
  • Insurance Requirements of Certificate Holder
  • Name and Address of the event location
  • Date or dates of the event
If you have questions contact insurance@lllalliance.org.

Update on Puerto Rico

After the devastation of the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, LLL Alliance sent a request for donations to help Liga de la Leche de Puerto Rico. Leaders rose to the occasion and contributed $732.50 (after PayPal fees). We were able to supplement those donations through the LLL Alliance Heart-to-Heart fund, which was created to help Leaders affected by natural disasters. $500 was sent in November 2017 and another $500 in March 2018.

Leaders in Puerto Rico are still struggling to recuperate. They want to ensure optimal infant and young child feeding practices through individual breastfeeding counseling and support group sessions, as well as by providing breastfeeding relactation materials and baby kits.

The Leaders are excited about a series of workshops being offered in ten affected towns in the south and southwest of the island with the theme of “Breastfeeding in Times of Crisis and Emergencies.”

Liga de la Leche de Puerto Rico would like to continue working together so they can continue developing a lactating society and especially keeping babies breastfeeding in times of emergencies. They would still appreciate any help. If you would like to help support the efforts of Liga de la Leche de Puerto Rico, click HERE to donate.

April LLL Alliance Shout-Out

Congratulations to La Leche League of Connecticut who held a successful Health Care Provider Seminar (HPS) on April 12th, 2018.  The speakers were Jarold “Tom” Johnston, CNM, IBCLC, who spoke on “The Maternal-Newborn Microbiome,” “Human Milk Production,” and “Still Swimming Upstream: Breastfeeding in a Formula Feeding World” and Ruth Lucas, Ph.D., RNC, CLS, who presented “It Takes Two: Exploring Infant’s Effort During Breastfeeding.”

October/November LLL Alliance Shout Out

The October/November LLL Alliance Shout Out Goes To…..




Co-Leaders of the LLL of Dyer County Group in TN

Over the summer Allyson and Hollidy experienced a growth of five times the Group’s previous monthly contacts and a 500% increase in the Group finances! How did they do it? Through outreach, publicity, and by putting the FUN in fundraising!

Read more of their story in the next issue of Alliance Link.



The August/September LLL Alliance Shout Out Goes To…

LLL of Chapel Hill, NC
Leaders from the Chapel Hill Group worked alongside the Carolina Breastfeeding Institute in conjunction with the USBC for Chapel Hill and Carrboro NC to earn the Breastfeeding-Family-Friendly City Designation. The towns are two of the first cities in the country to receive the Breastfeeding-Family-Friendly City Designation. 

In earning this designation at least 50 percent of businesses must post “breastfeeding welcome here” signs on their windows. Local groceries also must not promote commercial brand baby formula by preferential placement in the stores or direct advertising. 

For more information: http://www.dailytarheel.com/article/2015/08/fed-your-babies-says-chapel-hill-carrboro

Chapel Hill Leaders ROCK! Which cities will be next?

June-July LLL Alliance Shout Out

The June /July LLL Alliance Shout out goes to the fabulous Area Stat Gurus…. Victoria Albright, Ann Davis, Cathy DeRaleau, Jennifer Deshaies, Michelle Devlin, Abi Henke, Bekki Henthron, Pat Johnson, Kathy Juve, Helen LaPlant, Paula Manley, Rachel Manning, Traci Meiler, Donna More, Bobbie North, Laura Probst, Jennifer Rodriquez, RoseAnn Squire, Mary Swisher, Cathy White, and Lydia Wilkins.

These Leaders work tirelessly to compile and report the Area statistics each June and December to LLL Alliance Stat Guru Extraordinaire Linda Parry. Be kind to these wonderful women when they come knocking at your door for your semi-annual statistics. It is impressive to see the work they are doing and the strength of LLL Alliance as evidenced by our stats! Our Area Stat Gurus are doing a bang up job!

May LLL Alliance Shout Out

The May LLL Alliance Shout Out goes to…. Joan Crothers Kathy Drury Paula Manley Rachel Manning for earning the GOLD President’s Volunteer Service Award for over 500 hours of volunteer service and Almuth Koby for earning the SILVER President’s Volunteer Service Award for 250-499 hours of volunteer service.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. Let’s hear it for our most recent recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Awards!!!!