LLL Alliance Services

Circle54Leader Accreditation 
The Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) provides education and guidance to parents as they work to meet the accreditation criteria for LLL leadership.

Leader Department
The Leader Department offers support and encouragement to all Leaders to further the mission of LLL.

Support in Emergencies
Donations help support La Leche League Leaders, Groups, and families in emergency situations and natural disasters through the establishment and ongoing promotion of the Heart-to-Heart Fund.

Online Resources
Online resources allow us to maintain a web presence for LLL Alliance, Areas, and Groups and to provide technical and editing guidance and expertise.

Education and Support for Parents
The Continuing Education Department presents educational events and Area Conferences for the local community including parents, families, lactation specialists, and health care providers.

Seminars for Health Care Providers 
Seminars offer continuing education to health care providers, including opportunities for lactation consultants to earn Continuing Education Recognition Points (IBCLC CERPS) and RNs to earn nursing CEUs.

Communication Skills
The Communication Skills Department offers workshops and sessions to develop and enhance skills in the areas of empathetic listening, verbal presentation, and conflict management.

Administrative Support
LLL Alliance supports administrators who, in turn, support Leaders as they help parents and babies.

International Collaboration 
International collaborations work in partnership with Affiliates, Area Networks, and La Leche League International to further our mission as a global organization.